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Fix a broken iPad – should you attempt it yourself or pay Apple £200?

Fix a broken iPad – should you attempt it yourself or pay Apple £200?

An article and film about fixing a broken iPad appeared on the BBC Technology site today!

It’s an interesting read for anyone who’s broken their iPad and is debating whether to get it fixed, or try to repair it themself!

The article follows reporter L J Rich as she attempts to repair her broken iPad 2 screen, for which the Apple store quoted her £200!

She highlights how complicated the job is and that no amount of “reading guides, watching videos and memorising the steps in advance could not prepare me for the horrible reality of gouging out my kit”.

Even with the help of the Restart Project it took seven hours, severing the connection to one of the antennas at the top of the device in the process! Although it is common to break something else during a repair job, the most common being the wifi/bluetooth antenna stuck to the glass next to the home button.

If you don’t feel up to carrying this job out yourself, then we can fix your iPad and for much less than Apple will charge you! For example, the iPad 2 digitizer replacement featured in this article would cost you just £75 + VAT when carried out by us, as opposed to £200 at the Apple store!!

If you need a quote for your particular device, then fill in the quote form on and we’ll get back to you asap!

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