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We provide computer repair, maintenance & support, laptop repairs, laptop screen replacement, PC help & advice, for home users & small businesses in north / east London and west Essex.


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We can diagnose & repair most common computer issues onsite, even if you're having system crashes, virus issues, software problems, networking issues or hardware problems. If we can't fix the problem onsite, we'll take your PC away, get it fixed & bring it back to you asap (usually next day), for no extra cost. We can repair corrupted software installations, provide system recovery/reinstall, backup data, speed up your system, remove spyware, malware & viruses. Even if you aren't having computer problems, our PC Healthcheck can check your system is running optimally and offer you help & advice in good computer maintenance practice, as well as tips on ways to make it do the things you want it to!


If you're having problems with your PC, or it's stopped working completely, then don't panic! Usually, even the worst looking/sounding problem is perfectly fixable. Just get in touch & we'll be able to diagnose and repair your computer, to get you quickly up and running again.


If Your Computer Goes Wrong

  • The first thing to do is nothing. Often, tinkering with a system can make the problem worse!
  • Give us a call/email us & we'll visit you, to make a thorough diagnosis of the problem.
  • Before we start work we'll give you an estimate of how much the repair is likely to cost - at this point you can make a decision to go ahead with the repair or not.
  • If we can fix it there & then we will, otherwise we'll take the machine away & have it back to you within 5 working days!


We charge no callout charges** and will make a free diagnosis of your problem. If you decide to let us repair your PC, we charge an hourly rate of £35 per hour, up to the maximum quoted price below. These prices cover the repair time for any one issue, no matter how long it takes!

*Prices exclude VAT

Computer Repair Service: From £10

Computer Repair/PC Repairs/MaintenanceWe come to your home or workplace to diagnose the problem with your computer and recommend any action or parts required to fix it. The cost covers the total repair time, no matter how long it takes & if we can't fix the problem, you don't pay! We charge £35ph with a cap of £99 for any single PC repair job, but if the problem is just a quick fix we charge as little as £10, with No fix - No fee and No Callout Charges!**

Windows OS Factory Restore: From £29.99
Computer Repair - Windows Factory RestoreIf your computer/laptop won't boot, but you don't have any important data on it, then we can carry out a factory restore from recovery disks (supplied by you) or a recovery partition. We will reinstall Windows, all software drivers and relevant security patches/updates. If you don't have the restore disks and/or the recovery partition is damaged, then we will need to buy recovery disks from the manufacturer, which usually cost between £15 and £30.
PC Healthcheck: £39.99
PC/Laptop Health Check/RepairThe Healthcheck is like a service and MOT on your computer or laptop; checking the functionality of all components, whilst updating your drivers, scanning for viruses, junk files and other malicious software, as well as offering help/advice on improving the PC’s performance. As part of the health check (if you don't have them), we will install Anti-Virus software, spyware protection and a Firewall, to ensure that the computer continues to operate safely. We'll provide you with a written report and any hardware upgrades recommended will be installed free.
Data Backup & Windows Rebuild: Max £99

PC Repairs - Windows reinstallationIn the event of an operating system or hard disk failure that cannot be repaired, we offer complete data recovery and Windows reinstallation. We'll attempt to recover all your personal files/documents, before carrying out a complete reinstallation of Windows & all recovered data/files. We'll also reinstall any software packages you have on your machine as long as you can provide the CD's & Product Keys/licenses. In addition we also check your security software.

New PC Data Transfer: From £35
PC Data TransferWhen you buy a new PC, you probably want to copy everything from your old machine to the new one and this can be pretty time consuming (it's been known to take over 4 hours in some cases)! For a max fee of £99, we transfer all your files, pictures, music, email and bookmarks to your new PC, set up all your programs (assuming you have the installation discs) and make sure you can sit down at your new PC and carry on using it as if it were the old one. We will also ensure the new machine has adequate security in place.
Secure Data Wiping: £19.99
Secure Data WipingWhen disposing of an old computer you may not think about the possibility of someone else getting YOUR personal data from the hard drive. Simply deleting doesn't remove your data and it can still be accessed with suitable software. For a fixed fee we'll collect your old computer/laptop, securely erase the contents of the hard disk, then either return the machine to you, to dispose of as you wish, or pass it on to a recycling organisation, who will either refurbish it for re-sale at an affordable price, or break it down for recycling.
Hardware Upgrade: £19.99 + cost of part
Hardware upgradeInstallation of an upgrade product (Hard Disk, Memory, Video Card, Processor, Optical Drive etc.) which improves the performance of your PC. We will recommend the type of upgrade that will most benefit you, purchase and install it for you, along with the software drivers to make it work.
Data Backup: £19.99
Data BackupProtection for all your files giving you peace of mind in the event of a virus or a hard drive failure. We back up the files you request on DVD or an external hard disk (purchased separately) & advise you on the best way to continue your backup regime afterwards.
Broadband Troubleshooting and Setup: From £35
Broadband & Internet setupWe'll come to your home and setup your broadband internet connection. If you require a simple wireless connection, this will be included in the setup price. We can also fix broadband/Internet connection problems you may be having, or set up a wireless connection for you at our normal rate of £35ph, up to a maximum charge of £99.
Remote Support: £0.50pm
Remote PC SupportNeed computer support right now?
Provided you can still access the Internet, we may be able to resolve your problem within the next few minutes. Click here to see if we can help you. Online support is from as little as £0.50 per minute, we still have a No Fix - No Fee policy and a £99 maximum charge on any single problem.
Data Recovery - From 24.99
Data Recovery

We can help to retrieve accidentally deleted files and carry out data recovery on failed/failing hard drives. From £24.99.

No Jargon

We are user friendly computer people! We won't try to dazzle you with jargon, or techno speak. We also won't try to sell you stuff you don't need!


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What We Do

If your computer goes wrong


>> Contact us to explain the problem

>> We'll visit you at home or work, to make a thorough diagnosis.

>> Before we start work we'll give you an estimate of how much the repair is likely to cost - at this point you can make a decision to go ahead with it or not.

>> If we can fix it there and then we will, otherwise we'll take the machine back to our workshop and have it back to you usually by the next day!

Remote Support

Instant Online Help

Do you need computer support right now? Provided you can access the Internet, we may be able to resolve your problem in the next few minutes.

Click one of the options below to see if we can help you. Online support costs £0.50 per minute, we have a No Fix No Fee policy and a £99 maximum charge on any single problem, so no crazy costs!

Our Prices

Computer support prices

No job is too small and we charge as little as £10 if the problem is just a quick fix. Within East London & West Essex we charge NO call out fee - all our prices are clearly displayed and fixed unless otherwise stated.

**No Callout Charge applies to East London and West Essex visits. Outside these areas, we charge £20, which will only be payable if you choose not to proceed with a repair.

Small Business IT Support

If you are a sole trader, or small business with 1-5 employees, then contact us if you need IT Support. We may be able to provide IT for your business at a much lower cost than you would expect!


We also provide cheap web hosting, affordable web design for small businesses and Search Engine Optimisation, if you need a new website, an existing site revamp, or want to know how to improve the business you get from it!

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