• DC Jack Repair

  • Fixed price Laptop DC Jack repair for just £59

    If your Laptop isn't charging, then you may need a DC Jack Repair!

    If you're having power problems with your laptop, then it's possible that you need a DC Power Jack repair! It's very common for the power socket on laptops to work loose, or break and you'll know that the DC Jack is faulty if your laptop will work normally on battery power, but won't charge, or if the DC jack feels loose and you need to wiggle the power cord around to make the power light come on. It's important to get this repaired quickly, because each time you wiggle the connector you risking breaking it and sending an electrical surge into the laptop, which can cause much more extensive damage.

    If the jack needs to be repaired, we charge a maximum fee of £59, so if this has happened to you, give us a call, we'll collect your laptop and carry out the repair in 5 working days!

  • Symptoms of a faulty DC Power Jack:

    • Battery won't charge
    • Wobbly DC Power Jack Connector
    • Intermittent Battery charging
    • Screen dims/brightens often
    • Laptop turns off if power supply moved l
    • Charging light may not illuminate.
    • Burning smell from the Power Jack
    • No Power

    AJPC Solutions offer fixed-fee DC jack repair, for both individual and corporate clients. All our engineers have been expertly and thoroughly trained, down to component level, by the 5 major manufacturers that actually build ALL the world's laptops!!!

    With our up-front fixed-fee pricing, you will know exactly how much your repair will cost, with no hidden extras!

  • A DC Jack repair requires us to completely disassemble the laptop, desolder (or unhook) the faulty jack and replace with a new one (if it's soldered, we'll also clean the board first). The laptop is then tested and once working, it's rebuilt. Trust us with your repair, as inexperienced engineers can easily damage the surrounding components.

    We will personally collect/return your laptop if you're in the Colchester area, but if you're located elsewhere in the UK, we can offer a very reasonable courier service. Contact us to arrange for your laptop to be collected.