• FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where are you located?

      We're based in Colchester, Essex.

    • Do you have a shop I can come to?

      Unfortunately we don't. However, we come to you and and carry out work at your home/place of work. If we can't complete the job onsite, we will take the computer away and bring it back at no extra charge.

    • Do I need to pay for a consultation or diagnosis?

      General consultation and diagnosis is FREE in the Colchester area. We only charge a £20 call out fee if we travel outside our business area and you decide not to use us for the job. Laptop repair diagnosis is free and we offer a No Fix No Fee promise.

    • Do I have to pay anything in advance?

      No. You do not need to pay anything before the work starts, unless we are buying parts to order.

    • Do you have any offers or promotions?

      Our prices are incredibly competitive and we're always checking that they remain so. We have simple fixed-price charges and don't run gimmicky on/off promotions to snare people in.

    • Do you offer “No Fix No Fee”?

      Yes we do! Although everything is ultimately fixable if enough time/money is spent, there are times when it's not economically viable to repair something. For example paying £250 for a replacement laptop motherboard on a 6 year old laptop, when it simply isn't worth it! If we think it's uneconomical to repair, we say so and give the machine back to you WITHOUT any charges. We believe in getting paid for our time, but only when we've provided YOU with a service!

    • Do you give a warranty?

      We give 90 days warranty on any laptop repair and parts usually come with one year's manufacturer's warranty.

    • I want my laptop collected, what is the collection charge?

      Free from Colchester and a 10 mile radius around it. We have to charge if we travel outside this area, simply to cover our costs, because of our no fix no fee policy. If you live outside our collection area, then we can collect/return it from £10, or you can send it to us using a courier service.

    • I want my laptop collected, how long will it take?

      We'll collect a laptop when it suits you - usually same day, even in the weekend or at weekends.

    • Can you do a same-day service?

      Yes for computer support. No for laptop repairs. Our normal turnaround time for laptop motherboard repairs is 5 working days as they require a testing period of up to 48 hours. Laptop screen repairs require us to order a specific parts and should take 2 to 3 working days.

    • Do you need the power adapter with the laptop?

      Yes. We will have your laptop on test for up to 48 hours, so we will need you to proivide us with the power adapter. We will also check that the power supply is functioning properly.

    • My computer/laptop is dead, are you still able to recover my data?

      In most cases yes. Although a computer/laptop might be dead, we can still access the data on the hard drive and extract it for you. Even if the hard drive is damaged, we may still be able to retrieve the data, but the cost will be much higher. SSD recovery is possible but also expensive, so this is why regular backups are vital!

    • My computer/laptop has a virus, will I lose my data?

      99% of the time you won't. Most viruses simply want to spread to other machines and/or get money from you. In most cases they won't touch your actual data, although they might damage your operating system. However, even if Windows has to be re-installed, we will still be able to retrieve personal data beforehand. Some companies will just wipe your data and reinstall Windows.

    • What's the best antivirus?

      Large numbers of PCs/laptops are supplied with a time-restricted antivirus suite included (usually Norton or McAfee) and people just continue to pay for it year after year. However, this is not always the best option; like car insurance, you should shop around! We believe that a combination of antivirus and antimalware software provide the best protection for your PC, but this can be done without costing you anything if you check out our free software page! However, the consistently best paid for performer in tests is Kaspersky Internet Security!

    • Do you have a minimum charge?

      No. Provided we cover our travelling costs and time, if we turn up and fix a problem in 5 minutes then we don't believe it's fair to charge you for an hour. If we feel that the job warrants a charge of £10, then we'll only charge you £10!

    • How much do you charge for diagnosis?

      We charge NOTHING for a diagnosis on any call out in our business area & also make no charge for laptop repair diagnosis. However, if we CAN repair your laptop and you decide not to go ahead, we will charge a fee of £20 for our time and delivery/collection.

    • Can I buy my own parts and give them to you to install?

      Yes you can.

    • Can I have a quote in writing?

      Definitely. Just email us and we will give you a quote in writing.

    • Are you a shop that will just try to sell me stuff?

      No. We don't have a shop & our business is not selling parts. We are a service business that will repair your computer/laptop and we purchase parts only if necessary. If you would like us to source and purchase an item for yo, then of course we can do that, as we have accounts with a number of UK distributors

    • Can you do remote access work?

      Yes. Provided you have an internet connection, we can access your PC or Laptop remotely to fix software-related issues. If you need us to access your computer/laptop, then please download the following software and contact us.

      TeamViewer Quick Support

    • Do you do home visits?

      Yes, within our business area of 10 miles around Colchester, we will come to you to try to fix the problem. If the job is very complicated or requires us to take the machine back to our workshop, then we''ll take it away and return it to you as part of the quoted price.

    • Do you charge a fixed price, or by the hour?

      For home computer support we charge £35* per hour. We charge a fixed price of £99 for all laptop motherboard repairs, £129 for Macbook motherboard repairs and have a fixed labour charge of £35* for laptop lcd screen replacement. iPad/Tablet repair costs vary according to the problem.

      *Plus VAT

    • Will you buy my old laptop?

      We're not in the business of buying and selling laptops, mainly because it's simply too much hassle! In some cases we will take an old laptop from you, but we'd have to offer you a very low amount to make it worth our while.

    • I got a cheaper quote elsewhere - will you match it?

      No. We're not interested in getting into a bidding war......we think our prices are very competitive and offer great value for money. If you've found another company doing it cheaper, then please check the small print and level of service offered. If they are genuinely cheaper like for like then well done.....you've found a bargain :o)

    • Are you open at weekends?

      We are usually available at weekends, but generally by appointment only. Please give us a call with your name and contact details, letting us know what time you require.

    • How long does a typical laptop/iPad repair take?

      A typical repair will take around 5 working days, but if non-standard parts are required or we are carrying out a BGA reballing, it will take longer.

    • Are you able to pick up laptops in the evening and weekends?

      Yes. As per weekends, please advise us of the specific time you require and we'll advise whether it's possible or not. It depends sometimes on being available. The best thing to do is call us and ask.

    • I trod on my laptop/iPad; how much will it cost to replace the screen?

      Laptop screen prices vary depending on the model/size of screen, but we charge a fixed labour fee of £35* to replace the screen. iPad screen repairs prices are set on the iPad repair page.

      *Plus VAT

    • When fixing a laptop screen, will you need to access the data?

      Not for a screen repair. We just have to turn it on to make sure it's working, but there is no need to log on to your laptop.

    • How do I pay?

      We accept cash, bank transfer, PayPal, or we can take Credit Cards in person via chip & pin.