• Identify & Update Outdated, Missing & Incorrect PC Drivers

    7th August 2017 | AJPCSol
  • Driver Booster 4

    Easily Identify & Fix over 400,000 Outdated, Missing & Incorrect PC Drivers!

    Download & Update Nvidia Drivers, Realtek Drivers, Intel PC Drivers & Microsoft Windows Drivers with Driver Booster 4!

  • What are Drivers?!

    In a computer, a driver is a piece of software that tells hardware how to run on a certain operating system. It tells the operating system what it is and how it should be used. That means every piece of hardware, like your sound chip, DVD drive, hard drive, graphics card/chip and other hardware all use individual drivers to make them work. If you're using your computer right now, you already have loads of drivers already installed and working.

  • Why do I need to update them?

    Like any computer program, drivers also get updates.

    If you experience any hardware issues, the problem could be due to a corrupt or outdated driver. For instance, if you cannot hear sound from your computer, and you know it's not turned down, you might be able to resolve it by downloading and installing a recent version of the driver available for it. This is one of the preliminary steps to rectify such issues.

    If you need features unsupported by the currently installed driver version, these features might be available with the latest manufacturer's version of your driver. Usually the driver that comes with your OS is a generic one and many manufacturer's provide their own drivers for a particular computer/laptop. They might also supply a program that updates your drivers automatically but if you haven't installed this, or you've updated your OS and it no longer works, there might be cases when you require one or more features from your hardware which are not supported by the driver that comes with your OS. The hardware itself might be supported well by the drivers which have been offered with the OS. However, directly setting up the newest versions of the driver from the manufacturer can help you get extra features.

    If you want to play a new game, updating drivers can enhance game performance, because a hardware device manufacturer will update the driver for their device when some new games are released. So if you want to play a new game, you are recommended to update certain drivers.

    If there are driver security problems, like any software, bugs and security flaws can appear, so based on the problem and the hardware, you should update your driver to the latest available version.

    If your OS notifies you. Sometimes Windows itself will tell you that there's an updated driver available for one of the parts of your system. With Windows 10, this often happens without you noticing, but other versions will ask your permission. Like most Windows updates, it's been released for a reason and you should update it, unless there are good reasons not to.

  • How do I update these drivers?

    As mentioned previously, Windows 10 is pretty good at installing updated drivers automatically, but these are drivers supplied to, or written by Microsoft. Quite often the part manufacturer will have released drivers that have more features for your device. You can look for these on the device manufacturer’s website or the computer manufacturer's website and download the driver they provide.

    Alternatively, you can use a driver update tool to help you. There are a number of these out there, but the one we use and have never had any issues with, is Driver Booster.

  • Support Updating 400,000+ Devices & Drivers

    Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware with Driver Booster 4. With a 200% larger online database, Driver Booster 4 is the best driver updater software that can automatically scan & fix over 400,000 devices and PC drivers provided by more than 5,000 companies. Users can easily update Intel driver/Realtek ethernet controller/wireless lan/network/HD Audio Drivers, Intel Audio/HD Graphics/WLAN/LAN/chipset/rapid storage technology/usb 3.0 Drivers, Nvidia drivers and all important driver packages by Microsoft with the help of Driver Booster 4. Users will be free from problems such as slow internet, computer freezes & crashes, as well as conflict with peripherals caused by outdated, missing or incorrect drivers. Driver Booster helps you find the right driver updates for Windows 10 systems.

  • Smooth Game Experience

    To let users enjoy smooth and fast game experience, Driver Booster 4 not only helps improve graphics & audio quality with related up-to-date and compatible PC drivers, but also can detect & update various game components with just one-click, such as PhysX, DirectX, OpenAL, VC Runtime, Adobe Flash, UnityWeb, etc. VC Runtime 2013 is also newly supported.

  • Time-Saving & Intelligent Download Process

    Driver Booster 4 has made some improvement in the download process. With an advanced driver compression algorithm, a driver package in Driver Booster 4 would be at least 30% smaller than its original size resulting in greatly reduced download time. Driver Booster 4 also offers faster download speed and allows downloading and installation during system idle time, letting users focus on job at hand without any disturbance.

  • More Secure Driver Updater

    Driver Booster allows you to update your drivers more safely and securely than any other driver updater. To ensure the safety of users’ computer, only qualified WHQL drivers are provided by Driver Booster 4. Driver Booster 4 automatically backs up a previous copy and create a system restore point before updating, in case anything unexpected happens. Automatically checking and fixing the display resolution issues after installation is also a newly-added feature to Driver Booster 4.

  • Driver Booster 4 is completely FREE, but there is also Driver Booster 4 Pro, with a 200% Larger Database of Drivers and a faster, Optimised Auto Download among its extra features:

    • Unlock Driver Update Speed Limit
    • Larger Database to Update More Outdated & Rare Drivers
    • Reduce System Freezes & Crashes for Better Performance
    • Auto Download to Accelerate Download
    • Automatically Backup All Drivers for Safe Restore
    • Auto Driver Download & Installation during System Idle Time
    • Priority to Update Game Components for Better Gaming
    • Automatically Update to the Latest Version
    • Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand