• Laptop Motherboard Repair

  • Fixed price laptop motherboard repair for all makes and models!

    Before you take your laptop to a well known high street chain for repair, check out our laptop motherboard repair service for just £79!

    Our laptop motherboard repair covers the following Laptop Motherboard Failure symptoms:

    • The laptop is completely dead and won't turn on
    • Laptop operates slower than expected and generates heat
    • Laptop screen goes dim
    • Laptop freezing or shuts down randomly while in use
    • Distortion or discolouration on the laptop screen
    • No LED light activity when you press on the power button
    • Duplicate images or blank screen issues

    DON'T pay over inflated prices - we offer an affordable, fixed-fee laptop motherboard repair service, for both personal and business clients and we fix ALL MAKES AND MODELS. With our up-front fixed-fee pricing, you will know exactly how much your repair will cost, with no hidden extras!

    We can normally get your laptop fully repaired and back to you within 7 days, but certain repairs, such as liquid spills, occasionally require longer.

  • Liquid Spills

    laptop liquid spill

    If you spill any liquid on your laptop, you should turn it off immediately, remove any attached leads, the power unit & battery and mop up any excess liquid with paper towels (do not use a hair dryer as that will cause more issues).

    Invert the laptop and leave the unit upside down (for drainage) for at least 20-30 minutes and then allow the unit to air-dry overnight. Send the laptop to us immediately after, as rusting can occur if not dealt with promptly.

    • Liquid Spills can cause the following types of laptop damage:
    • Short circuit due to the conductive nature of a wet liquid (problem may clear as liquid dries - mainly water only spill).
    • Short circuit due to dried liquid residue.
    • Corrosion occurs (particularly volatile with some acidic soft drinks such as cola).
    • Electronic components damaged by above short circuits.
  • We can fix your laptop, notebook or netbook, for a max fee of £99. If the machine is beyond economical repair we will say so & return it to you free of charge. Our comprehensive Laptop Repairs service includes Motherboard Repair, Inverter Board Repair, Screen Board Repair, Cable Repair etc. & we believe that if one our engineers is not able to repair your faulty laptop, then no one can.

    We also provide DC Power Jack Repair for just £59.

    Please note that if we CAN repair your laptop and you choose not to go ahead with the repair, then we will charge a fee of £25, to cover our time, collection and delivery.

    As we specialise in computer/laptop repairs and are not a trying to sell you products like the high street stores, we can give you impartial, honest advice to ensure you get the best options available for your needs. All our help and advice is free and given in a personal, friendly, straightforward way, no matter what level of computer knowledge you may have.

  • A lot of other service centres will tell you they do component level motherboard repairs, but what they may not say is that there are different levels and unlike many others, our engineers are trained to level 5 - Ball Grid Array Reballing!

    BGA chips cannot be resoldered using conventional soldering irons and we have invested over £250,000 on equipment which includes three InfraRed BGA Rework/Reflow units to help reball such chips. The only way to resolve a GPU chip problem for example, is to reball the chip itself, but many repair centres will simply reflow the chip, which is only a temporary repair.

    With the cutting edge technology at our disposal we are totally equipped to repair Northbridge and GPU issues which are the main fault on most laptops and even more so now that manufacturers are fitting higher end chips with higher failure rates.

    90% of the time we can fix the problems associated with your laptop within our fixed price offer. However, in some rare cases a repair is not possible, but we are now able to offer a BGA IC chip replacement instead. This is a more expensive and lengthy process as the chips have to be imported, but we will always ask you before carrying out this procedure!

  • All our engineers have been thoroughly trained, down to component level, by the 5 major manufacturers that actually build ALL the worlds laptops and because of this, we can offer our fixed maximum fee laptop repairs service for all makes and model, including Advent, Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Compaq, Dell, Emachines, Fujitsu Siemens, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, HP Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, LG, Medion, Packard Bell, Samsung, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Zoostorm and more.