• Laptop Repair

  • We specialise in the repair of all makes and models of laptops up to and including motherboard repairs. Based in Colchester, we also serve many of the surrounding towns and villages in Essex.

    Laptop Repair can cover a number of things - software problems, viruses, power failure, system crashes and blue screens, running slow, internet and email issues, broken screens, DC jack repair, hardware faults, overheating, RAM and HDD upgrades, keyboard replacement, hinge replacement and more.

    With many years of experience, we are confident enough in our laptop repair that we can offer a No Fix No Fee price promise to our customers. If we don't solve your problem, you don't pay.

    Daytime, Evening and Weekend appointments available

  • Reliable Laptop Repair Service

    Virus/malware/spyware removal

    Even with the best security software, you computer can still get infected, slowing it down or making it unusable. We can remove these infections and bring your system back to good health. New viruses are released almost daily, but there are usually ways to retrieve your data, even if Windows has to be reinstalled.

    Laptop screen repair/replace

    A broken or damaged screen does not have to mean you have to buy a new laptop, when we can simply fit a new screen at a fraction of the cost.

    DC Jack Power Socket repair

    One of the most common laptop repairs is to broken power sockets, normally caused by moving or dropping the laptop whilst the mains adaptor is plugged in. We remove the old socket remove the old solder and replace with a brand new one.

    Keyboard repair/replace

    Laptop keyboards can suffer from lost or damaged keys or accidental damage such as spillage of sticky substances! Most keyboard faults can usually be corrected simply and quickly and on many models, even a keyboard replacement can be carried out at reasonable cost.

    Hard drive replacement

    Laptops are designed to be portable, but bumping or dropping them whilst powered up can damage the internal hard drive. Most hard drives are still mechanical and contain moving parts so any form of impact can cause problems. We can replace your hard drive and in most cases, retrieve the data from your old drive.

    Laptop Overheating

    "Laptop" is an unfortunate name, because one place you probably shouldn't put your "notebook computer" is on your lap! Most laptops have the air vent and fan on the bottom of the laptop, so putting it on your lap can prevent airflow......leading to overheating. If the laptop is used on bed or left on a carpeted floor, fibres, dirt and dust can also be drawn into the fan, clogging it up and causing crashes/shut-downs. We can clean or replace a dusty/dirty fan, which is normally enough to resolve overheating problems!

  • Recover lost files

    Anyone who has experienced a blue ‘screen of death’ and/or has turned on their laptop, only to find that Windows won't boot, will have experienced that sinking feeling! The laptop simply will not re-start and you fear you've lost all your documents, photos and music! Recovering lost files can be straightforward or difficult, as it depends on the state of the hard drive, but we can usually find and recover them. Once retrieved, we can copy them to USB stick, DVD, external HDD etc. or simply move them onto your new hard drive or laptop.

    System reinstall

    There are a number of reasons why you may need to reinstall your operating system (Windows):

    • After a bad virus infection
    • Damaged hard drive
    • Corrupt system files

    We will backup any personal files and reinstall your original licensed software and configure all hardware with the latest drivers, updates, service packs and patches, to leave you with a fully functional and updated laptop. If you don't have the software, then we can obtain a licensed copy from the manufacturer.

    Liquid Spills

    The nightmare that seems to happen more often than you'd think!

    • Turn it off immediately!
    • Remove any attached leads, the power unit & battery!
    • Mop up any excess liquid with paper towels (do not use a hair dryer as that will cause more issues)!
    • Invert the laptop and leave the unit upside down (for drainage) for at least 20-30 minutes!
    • Allow the unit to air-dry overnight!
    • Get the laptop to us immediately after, as rusting can occur if not dealt with promptly!

    It depends on the liquid involved and how much of it, but if you act quickly, there is a good chance of repairing your laptop after a liquid spill! Following the above steps will give us the best chance of saving it from certain death.

    Motherboard repairs

    You might think a motherboard fault means buying a new laptop. Alternatively, some repair companies will suggest a motherboard replacement, which can also run into hundreds of pounds (depending on the model). However, there is another option - we offer fixed price laptop motherboard repair, which is generally more cost-effective than a replacement motherboard and certainly a lot cheaper than buying a new laptop.