• PC Health Check

  • Our PC Health Check keeps your computer running smoothly

    Our great value PC Health Check is all you need to keep your computer/laptop running smoothly. We'll check the hardware and software is OK and remove any nasty viruses, malware and spyware you might have picked up. Even without any these on your system, over time your computer can become clogged with unwanted software, old files, program remnants, unneeded start-up items, spyware, viruses and even dust! Even new computers can contain "bloatware"; lots of unneeded software and programs which start every time you start your computer and hog resources, slowing you down.

    The PC Health Check is a comprehensive service of your PC or laptop

    For just £49.99 we will perform a multi-point checklist on your computer to determine if it's running at its best and identify any issues through a series of system checks, stress tests and diagnostics. When you give us your PC/laptop, let us know if there are any specific problems you need us to look at. If any issues are identified, we'll advise you on the best course of action to get it back in top condition.

    This service is designed to test the functionality of your PC/laptop, updating out of date software, identifying hardware faults and suggesting improvements, whilst removing viruses and malicious software.

  • We will:

    • Troubleshoot your PC/laptop
    • Test hardware and diagnose faults
    • Remove all viruses, malware and spyware on the computer
    • Install any Windows updates that need to be installed
    • Remove unwanted programs that slow your PC/laptop
    • Install an effective free Antivirus software if required
    • Your computer will be optimised and tweaked for best performance.
    • Your computer will be cleaned inside and out to remove dust and grime that builds up
    • When you collect your computer we’ll take you through our report and let you know if your computer needs any upgrades (we’ll fit these for free if you decide to buy them)
    • We’ll make Recovery DVDs for your computer if you haven’t had time to do it yourself. This will let you reinstall Windows if things go wrong and could save you £40 buying the discs in future

    On completion of the Health Check a report is produced to show the status of the computer, the improvements made, along with any recommendations for repairs to the operating system (not included) or hardware that needs replacement. As part of the healthcheck, any upgrades which we recommend will be installed free of charge (exc parts).

    We won't suggest you pay for things you don't need, or things that will have only a slight effect on performance. Any suggestions we make are to seriously improve your computer's performance, or prevent imminent failure.

    • Clean inside of PC inc. CPU fan, case fans, graphics card, case vents etc.
    • Remove redundant and temporary files
    • Check that all fans work correctly
    • Uninstall redundant and bad software
    • Malicious software / spyware removal
    • Redundant registry data removal complete
    • Check existing Security software is running properly and/or install free Antivirus software if none present
    • Disable irrelevant startup programs to increase system startup/shutdown and minimise memory wastage
    • Virus scan and removal of any detected threats
    • Check network and internet settings
    • Test web browser is running latest version
    • Install (as needed) an alternative browser
    • Hard Drive SMART check
    • Check all hardware has working drivers
    • Check PC display output works
    • Install software to ensure programs are updated with security patches going forward
    • Visually identify hardware faults
    • Test speaker output (front and rear)
    • Test all USB Ports (front and rear)
    • Test Wired/Wireless network cards
    • Test PS/2 ports (where applicable)
    • Hardware Stress Test
    • Test Optical Drives read CD's/DVD's



  • During your health check we will assess your PC's performance from startup and perform any necessary software-based maintenance tasks required and scan all hard drives for viruses and spyware and remove all found infections. We can make adjustments to your system to improve the future performance of your computer We will also advise on any upgrades that may be required to decrease your computers overall workload.

    Many of us remember to get our cars serviced every year to make sure they are running in tip-top condition but did you know that your computer can also benefit from the same sort of care? Just like a car, your computer should be serviced every year so that you get the best performance possible.

    We'll collect your desktop, laptop or netbook, give it a full service and bring it back to you! We look at both software and hardware to make sure they are all running properly. We’ll check for any nasty viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive and remove them, without deleting any of your data!